Varicose Vein

EVLA - Endovenous Laser Ablation of Varicose Veins

EVLA (also known as EVLT, EVLT, ELVes, VeinSeal, depending on the manufacturer of the laser.) is a new advanced minimally invasive, procedure to occlusion of varicose veins. Post local anesthesia and with the guidance of ultrasound the doctor just make a minute nick in the skin. Inserts a thin tube called catheter into the saphenous vein and withdraws it. Through catheter the veins tissue is heated. This causes the homogenous destruction of wall of the vein, shrinks it and seals it off. Now blood doesn’t flow from these veins thus eliminating vein bulging. The body then naturally absorbs the dead tissue. The surrounding healthy veins, unburdened of these defective veins, now re-establish a normal smooth flow.

Why studies recommend 1470 nm diode laser for varicose vein treatment?

If you see the chart the absorption coefficient is higher for hemoglobin than water for 980nm radiation. For 1470 nm the situation is opposite and water absorbs the radiation better than hemoglobin. Since vein structure is mostly water and 1470nm laser is water specific laser, the laser energy is preferentially absorbed in the intracellular water of the vein wall and in the water content of blood. Thereby it efficiently heats the vein with little chance of collateral heating, resulting in an optimal vein ablation. The irreversible photo-thermal process induced by the laser energy results in a complete occlusion of the treated vein. Unlike 980 nm radiation EVLA which needs appropriate power of 10- 12 watt for a treatment, 1470 nm radiation needs only 6-8 watt. This low energy level significantly minimizes adverse effects.

1470nm diode laser - Advantages of varicose vein laser treatment

  • High success rate
  • Low recurrence rate – the comparative rate of relapse/reoccurrence is much lower than any other protocol.
  • Quick treatment – Take less than an hour. Saves tremendous time for you and your patient which can help you to increase patient turn around.
  • Minimal invasion – just a nick in the skin, so no scar or stitches.
  • Instant Relief from accompanying symptoms - Since it's a minimal invasive surgery so damage to the neighboring tissues is extremely less which results in fast recovery. Even less pain, bruising and numbness after procedure.
  • OPD procedure - As it’s minimal invasive surgery it can be performed under Local anesthesia.
  • Quick Recovery - no down time. Minimal post operative pain. Your patient can walk away post operation and can quickly regain his normal activity.

After Laser Treatment

Proctology Training Proctology Training Proctology Training

Proctology Training Proctology Training

Why Smart M 1470 is the best diode laser for Varicose Vein Treatment?

  • Most cost effective -Laser device in the market today - you can now use this world-class laser technology at a far competitive price.
  • High Safety : 15 Watt 1470 nm radiation for EVLA -Unlike 980 nm radiation EVLA which needs appropriate power of 10- 12 watt for a treatment, 1470 nm radiation needs only 6-8 watt. Low energy homogeneously destructs the wall of only defected veins. This instantly gives you an edge over safety.
  • Portable machine -This compact 2.5 Kg machine enjoys the reputation of lightest and a highly portable diode in the market.
  • Easy to handle -It comes with a sleek handy - suitcase, a tool to set-up quick workstation, foot switch, and all supporting accessories. You can easily carry it to along anywhere you go
  • Low operating cost -As you take more and more cases, you would need a good supply of fibers. fibers come at very competitive pricing and we are quick to delivery.
  • Pre-set Procedures and Customized Program - Smart M 1470 nm 15-watt diode laser have inbuilt pre-set programs. You may further customize program as per your treatment plan.
  • Large Touch-screen LCD Multilingual Display -A large LCD Screen display information about parameter of chosen procedure (power, time of work and energy) so as to help easy monitoring & smooth functioning.
  • Security -Emergency laser Stop button. Error warning Alert e.g., optic fiber missing, interlock is open etc. helps to pinpoint exact problem.
  • Superior Quality -We are so confident about the quality that we offer you a 2-year risk-reversal - warranty.

Comparison of Varicose Veins Laser Treatment - Laser Vs Surgical Procedure

Main Feature Laser Surgical Procedure
Anaesthesia LA/GA GA
Patient Hospital Stay 1 Day 3-5 Days
Pain (Post-Operative) Low High
Recovery Time 3 Days 7 Days
Relapse Risk Low High
Complication Low High

Comparison of Varicose Veins Laser Treatment - Laser Vs Other Non Surgical Procedures

Main Feature Radio Frequency Sclerotherapy
Treatments Through Laser (Pin Hole Surgery) RF machine (Pin Hole Surgery) Injection
Collateral Damage Least Very High Less
Area of treatment 1 cm Energy is Delivered 7 cm Energy is Delivered No Energy Output
Treatment of Perforators/ Yes No No
Portability of Machine Very Much – (2.5 KG) Less – (Ranges from 15kg and Above) -
Technology / Concept Latest Old Old
Relapse Risk Least High Very High
Complication Least High Very High


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